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Yamaha 120 MH-1 Upgrade Information.

There will be some lead time into your orders unfortunately. I will try my best to get out the products out to you as quickly as we can.

Email John @ johniflymh1@gmail.com
Email Rick @ Hawkracingllc@gmail.com

Hose Clamps
Smooth Band Embossed Stainless Metric Hose Clamps.

8mm to 16mm      

12mm to 18mm  

16mm to 25mm  

20mm to 32mm  

25mm to 40mm  

30mm to 45mm  

Hot new Products!!
New Yamaha frame and motor mounts
New dual tail pitch slider
Yamaha clutch basket.
Moreflex tail drive assembly
32 tooth cogged gear with flanges
Speed sensor reluctor 6 tooth
Honeywell Speed sensor bracket
Torque Straps
Radiator mount
1-1/8 “ Aluminum hose couplers. These are made so you can cope them to any angle
you need.  30 45 90 or put three together for a tee. Cope and weld or we can do them
however you want. Leave instructions in the notes of what you want.

New redesigned pitch arms and back plates. Pitch arms have a new front rib for more strength. Mine don’t have this. Solid works testing proves greatly improved strength. The new backing plates are .06 thicker to compensate for .06 relief for a third angular contact bearing and proper preloading of the bearings. Also we will be drilling the spindles for a press in grease fitting. We recommend AeroShell 14 grease for the cones. No more oil leaking! Now you can get grease all over you! This will solve a lot of problems.